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Thotstat is a team of specialists in charge of statistical research activities: market research, feasibility studies and demographic, social, economic, corporate and financial data analyses. 
It offers solutions that support the decision-making process of all the strategic areas of the company, in every market sector.
It provides business intelligence tools for analysing complex databases and designing mathematical models to control final and predictive data. 
It conducts training and statistical advice activities, and certifies studies, analyses and data quality.

Thotstat believes in innovation. In order to maximize the profit resulting from the corporate proprietary information and to plan and give back to the companies ingenious and dedicated solutions, it invests constantly in Research and Development.

It has specific expertise in the indirect purchasing segment and in business travel. With important experience gained in the field of travel consumption model analysis, Thotstat’s professionals analyse how different management levers determine the final cost of trips.


Its mission is to transform the data into information that is useful for the strategic decisions, through systems capable of offering immediate, accurate and effective readings of the dynamics of the purchasing, sales and corporate management models. In summary it is: prepare methods and/or instruments to manage uncertainty and guide market choices.


Our Approach

R&D Lab

Created by qualified individuals specialized in data analysis and the development of forecast models.


Cutting edge proprietary supports and instruments, which are flexible and can be easily integrated, with high development and customization capacity to ensure a competitive advantage for the business of the customers.

University partnership

Thotstat believes in cooperating with the most prestigious Universities and promotes research projects in various areas of statistics and business intelligence. It has an independent, super partes scientific committee composed also of university professors, in charge of the certification of the data analysis methods and projects.

Data Mining

We explore databases of any size and level of complexity, unearthing the most useful information to support the decision-making processes.

Advanced Analytics

Our analytical models, built on innovative algorithms, are fast and accurate. We offer graphic interfaces to simplify the entire data mining process and the interpretation of the results.

Forecast & Optimization Analysis

To enrich the final analyses of instruments capable of considering the volatile market dynamics. Predictive analysis makes it possible to manage uncertainty and analyse several scenarios simultaneously.


Our Values

Customer Care

Every company and every market have unique problems which must be resolved with customised solutions. For this reason, we offer our utmost attention to our customers and we back them up during the entire design process. We also offer post-sales service, on-demand.

Know How

We have developed a deep knowledge on the themes of purchasing and we are a team of professionals highly qualified in the processing of data. We are therefore able to bring out and enhance the know-how of every business sector in order to also give value to the internal resources of the customer companies.


To ensure consistently cutting edge analysis systems and models appropriate internationally.


We have made training, consulting, technical support together with the reliability of the data analysis performed by Thotstat, the elements of our partnership relationship.


Often, problems cannot be resolved with standard methods, and it is for this reason that we study personalised solutions for every need.

Trs | Thot Reporting System

Thotstat's Reporting defines the travel consumption model of the company and all the direct and indirect leverages that contribute to it, making the key points and the spending details visible.