Contenuto Codice Etico

Code of Ethics

Thot S.r.l. has adopted a code of conduct and a management and control model system in accordance with D.lgs.231/01.

Flexibility, innovation and a strong customer and partner focus are the principles that have enabled the company to differentiate itself in a worldwide context. Integrity, trust, transparency and fairness are the indispensable values on which the Company has established relationships with employees, partners, customers and suppliers.

The code of ethics is a charter of rights and moral duties that defines the ethical and social responsibility of each member of the corporate organisation and spreads at the same time an organisational structure respecting fundamental human, citizens’ and workers’ rights..


Trs | Thot Reporting System

Thotstat's Reporting defines the travel consumption model of the company and all the direct and indirect leverages that contribute to it, making the key points and the spending details visible.