The services made available to the hotels are the translation of the Thotstat scientific methods and tools which permit a better understanding of the customers ranging from their preferences, their purchasing behaviours to the value they associate with the brand.

They make it possible to have a timely and complete overview of the market, a reliable and specific benchmark on the competitors and their offers.

Thotstat’s objective is to provide full knowledge of the factors that influence the economics and the perception of the customers, actual and prospect, vis-a-vis the hotel, turning them into incentives on which to act to find the right sales strategies, the correct positioning on the market, the best suited information of an operational-management nature, with constant attention on the formulation and monitoring of the budget.

Thotstat’s analytical approach allows the hotel companies to have a clear picture of the customer segmentation, helping them to identify preferences and trends, in addition to anticipating their behaviour through personalised surveys of customer satisfaction, analysing brand reputation on the major sites devoted to travel and thanks to the analysis of the transactions on the various booking channels, both GDS and web.

It will be possible to verify the profitability of customer clusters, implement strategies to maximize revenues and control costs through the use of Yield and Revenue Management techniques.

Statistical Approach

Thotstat’s innovation is also in the statistical approach to the analysis of the data. With important experience gained in the field of consumer model analysis, Thotstat’s professionals apply inferential techniques to identify: strengths and areas for improvement, drivers and their impact. Understanding where to act and which behaviours to change in order to have significant effects makes it possible to change from simple administrative reporting to the active management of the company. The information of the KPIs following the statistical approach and the inclusion of predictive elements, in fact, makes it possible to differentiate possible strategies, measuring the risks and the possibilities of intervention.

Market Research

Thotstat’s data analysts conduct exploratory, descriptive and causal research. They design, deliver and process sampling and censual research activities, with CATI, CAWI, CAPI, and CAMI methods. They create focus groups and surveys with Delphi methodology to provide complete and shared solutions.

Feasibility Studies

The team is able to conduct feasibility studies for any area of the hotel, both internal and external, by outlining the original situation, analysing possible risks and the benefits that can be obtained until concretely structuring the projects. Some of the processes used in feasibility studies are:

  • assessment of investments;
  • decision trees;
  • SWOT Analysis;
  • simulation of scenarios;
  • positioning analyses.

Data Analysis

Thotstat conducts demographic, social, economic, corporate and financial, etc. data analyses with the most commonly used statistical software applications by offering to the hotels companies customised solutions. It has specific expertise in the accommodation and travel sectors and in indirect purchasing. It uses an unlimited database that enables the construction of benchmarks with an extremely high degree of reliability, assessments of consumption and expenditure models, and descriptive and predictive pricing and reporting processing. Thanks to the timely and forward-looking data analysis, the hotels can control the market and their offer.

Business Intelligence

Thotstat provides business intelligence support for analysing complex databases and designing mathematical models to control final and predictive data. It offers detailed expenditure and behaviour reports. The Thotstat method represents the new frontier in data analysis since it uses new reading and KPI models based on the measurement of the risk.

Predictive Analysis

Thotstat builds personalised models for identifying trends and providing highly reliable forecasts, starting from the analysis and segmentation of historical and market data. The predictive models make ample use of the inferential statistical techniques, the risk analysis and the analyses of scenarios (what-if) assigning probabilities to the scenarios.

Advanced Reporting

Thotstat’s reporting is a high value-added product for the hotel organisations. It organises the data and the database supplied by the hotels to develop the consumer model of customers and all the direct and indirect incentives which could influence it. Thanks to a pyramid structure, it makes both the key points and the details of the spending behaviour legible and communicable in a simple way by comparing them in time and space. This reporting tool is the expression of the evolution of the data analysis according to Thotstat’s statistical approach.

Customer Experience

From the big data of the hotel sand their analysis, Thotstat processes the interactions with clients in order to measure and optimise the customer experience in all the sales channels. The analysis performed makes it possible to connect the customer-focused strategies and the business objectives. The solutions given are based on a proprietary, flexible and personalised technological platform.  

Training and advice

Thotstat’s specialists give advice in hotels and organise professional courses on data analysis and report processing techniques. They support the hotel owners, marketing, sales and procurement directors and the buyers, the revenue managers and the other decision-making individuals in the detailed analysis of the various elements of the organisational, production, offer and consumer model processes. Their intervention makes it possible to maximise the analysis and forecasting capacity and to identify possible incentives to maximise profit and customer satisfaction.

Process and Data Quality Certification

The scientific committee, which also includes University Teachers, is another expression of Thotstat’s vision and mission. The objectives of the involvement of Universities are:

  • to have the travel data methods and analysis certified by an impartial certifying body.
  • to explore all the possibilities available for turning the data into information by maximising the content of any statistical summaries.
  • to make the information usable by the companies, suggesting the interpretations simply and at the same time accurately and innovatively.

Trs | Thot Reporting System

Thotstat's Reporting defines the travel consumption model of the company and all the direct and indirect leverages that contribute to it, making the key points and the spending details visible.