TRS | Thot Reporting System

Thotstat’s Reporting defines the travel consumption model of the company and all the direct and indirect leverages that contribute to it, making the key points and the spending details visible. The spending data are analysed according to the principles of business intelligence in every service segment with several levels of detail depth.

TRS is a new way of analysing data, thanks to reading models that include also dashboards, balanced scorecards and predictive elements.

Innovative elements of the TRS

Cost of Flexibility

Thotstat has created an algorithm which makes it possible to identify the part of the travel expense not used to take trips. This is one of the most important expense items to know because it is one of the few which can be used to achieve savings.

Ticket History ID
Trip Identification

Thotstat has implemented an algorithm which reconstructs the “history of the ticket” combining all the transactions which concern a single trip. This reconstruction makes it possible to also calculate the ROI of the trip.

Advanced Benchmark
Updating of the databases

TRS performs comparisons with spatial benchmarks - structured ad hoc by comparing the data with companies belonging to the same product sector and with the same volume of expense - and time benchmarks - by updating the prices according to the dynamics of inflation and exchange rates - highlighting at the same time the significance of the deviations.

TRS is customised. In addition, it is compiled automatically by entering one’s travel data into the system and it provides an output structured at several levels, in increasing detail.

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