Thotstat’s innovation is its statistical approach with prospective value of the processes.

Thotstat’s solutions turn the data into useful, clear and usable information to be able to effectively intervene in the operational processes and strategic decisions, by identifying the strengths, areas of improvement, drivers and their impact.

They therefore permit the change from simple administrative account rendering to the active management of the processes. Thotstat offers a vast range of descriptive and inferential, solid and customised statistical analyses (predictive analytics, data and text mining, forecasting and optimization). It is thus possible to supply the tools that are most suitable for every company to make the decision-making process more effective and faster and the understanding of one’s business more accurate.

It offers the companies customised analysis in the following areas: demographics, social, economic, corporate, financial etc.using the most commonly used statistical software applications and analysis processes certified by impartial organisations.

The verification of the quality of the data, their organisation, the development of business intelligence supports to control and summarise the company performance and predictive data processing are Thotstat’s main areas of intervention. In addition, Thotstat has specific expertise in the travel sector and in indirect purchasing.

It uses a broad and constantly updated database that enables the construction of benchmarks with an extremely high degree of reliability, assessments of consumption and expenditure models, and descriptive and predictive pricing and reporting processing.

The proprietary applications to assess expenses and the consumption model, combined with travel policy elements and qualified benchmarks are additional expressions of the added value of Thotstat’s offer. Thotstat is able to bring out and enhance the know-how of every business sector in order to also give value to the internal resources of the customer companies.

Statistical Approach

Thotstat’s innovation is also in the statistical approach to the analysis of the data. With important experience gained in the field of consumer model analysis, Thotstat’s professionals apply inferential techniques to identify: strengths and areas for improvement, drivers and their impact. Understanding where to act and which behaviours to change in order to have significant effects makes it possible to change from simple administrative reporting to the active management of the company. The information of the KPIs following the statistical approach and the inclusion of predictive elements, in fact, makes it possible to differentiate possible strategies, measuring the risks and the possibilities of intervention.

Market Research

Thotstat’s data analysts conduct exploratory, descriptive and causal research. They design, deliver and process sampling and censual research activities, with CATI, CAWI, CAPI, and CAMI methods. They create focus groups and surveys with Delphi methodology to provide complete and shared solutions.

Supply chain assessment and control models

We support companies operating in any industry that choose suppliers through bidding procedures, that want to base operating procedures on control systems and algorithms or that want to measure the performance of their activities and processes through the use of KPIs. We assist them in setting up their tender procedures, in assessing any offer and in monitoring any performance.
Thot provides companies with tools and methods to affect the achievement of objectives, the adequacy and the effectiveness of controls.

  • We define algorithms for the suppliers’ evaluation and the scores’ assignment in tender procedures, according to congruity and sustainability criteria, along with systems for the assessment of the risk of suppliers’ contractual obligation breach
  • We implement systems to support the selection of the best supply strategies based on forecasts, market analysis and identification of the specific company consumption pattern.

Feasibility Studies

The team is able to conduct feasibility studies for any sector outlining the original situation, analysing possible risks and the benefits that can be obtained until concretely structuring the projects. Some of the processes used in feasibility studies are:

  • assessment of investments;
  • decision trees;
  • SWOT Analysis;
  • simulation of scenarios;
  • positioning analyses.

Data Analysis

Thotstat conducts demographic, social, economic, corporate and financial, etc. data analyses with the most commonly used statistical software applications offering the companies customised solutions. It has specific expertise in the travel sector and in indirect purchasing. It uses external databases to build benchmarks with a very high level of reliability. It analyses consumer and spending models and the pricing techniques, providing descriptive and predictive reporting.

Business Intelligence

Thotstat provides business intelligence support for analysing complex databases and designing mathematical models to control final and predictive data. It offers detailed expenditure and behaviour reports. The Thotstat method represents the new frontier in data analysis since it uses new reading and KPI models based on the measurement of the risk.

Predictive Analytics

Thotstat builds personalised models for identifying trends and providing highly reliable forecasts, starting from the analysis and segmentation of historical and market data. The predictive models make ample use of the inferential statistical techniques, the risk analysis and the analyses of scenarios (what-if) assigning probabilities to the scenarios.

TRS | Thot Reporting System

Thotstat’s reporting is a high value-added product for companies. It organises the data of the companies and the market of reference to develop the consumer model of customers and all the direct and indirect incentives which could influence it. Thanks to a pyramid structure, it makes both the key points and the details of the spending behaviour legible and communicable in a simple way by comparing them in time and space. This reporting tool is the expression of the evolution of the data analysis according to Thotstat’s statistical approach.

Training and advice

Thotstat offers well-established expertise for collecting, preparing and transforming complex data (micro, macro and meso) into clear, immediately usable information. It gives advice to companies and organises professional courses on the techniques for preparing corporate report;it supports Travel Managers, Purchase Managers, Category Managers and Buyers of companies from different sectors in the detailed analysis of the various elements of organisational and productive processes and of the company consumption model. The training makes it possible to maximise the analysis and forecast capacity, and to identify possible incentives to optimise savings. Thotstat also provides effective communication methods of the reporting, identifying the items to be highlighted and the best way to do it, both graphically and through alternative indexes with a greater communication impact.

Selection of suppliers

Thot provides support in the preparation of invitations to bid and in the selection of Travel Management Companies (TMCs) for the management of corporate business travels, as well as in the definition of control and analysis models relating to travel expenses.
The solutions we propose allow setting highly reliable assessment models and balancing every customized qualitative, quantitative and pricing variable that a Company seeks to adopt.
All our models include statistical and mathematical elements developed with scientific criteria and validated by our Scientific Committee. Our applications can also be extended to the control and analysis of the entire business travel management process.

Our services include:


Optimization Models

Thotstat prepares innovative mathematical-statistical models which are useful for optimising the purchasing system. These models are a tool for controlling the risk resulting from the market dynamics, both in terms of price fluctuation and the behaviour of the players. The models are based on statistical-probability evaluations which refer to historical data, competitive scenarios, performance of the best-in-class and, last but not least, the corporate proprietary information in any form available. In this way Thotstat is able to bring out and enhance the corporate know-how of every business sector in order to also give value to the internal resources of the company.

E4F® | Empty for Full

E4F® is a pricing model developed by Thotstat to minimise the purchase price of the accommodations. It can be used by a company or an intermediary to make sure of availability in advance for a medium-long term period of time of an optimal number of rooms in “empty for full” formula. The analysis supporting the negotiation between the parties is based, on the one hand on the historical analysis of the overnight accommodations of the customers in specific locations and on the prices paid by them, and on the other hand on the offer by the hotels considered alternatives in terms of location, prices, categories and accommodation capacity. By organising itself as a real Yield Management tool, E4F allows the user to conduct the negotiation with the hotels starting from an easy-to-read price table which includes the entire complexity of the distribution of the historical prices and occupancy rates of the hotels analysed.

Traveller Scanner®

With TravellerScanner®, Thotstat brings to the business travel world a new innovation directed at optimising the purchasing processes and the containment of the costs. TravellerScanner is a model prepared to forecast the behaviour of the travellers (departure, exchange, reimbursement) at the time the trip is requested. The system - for use by travel management companies or corporate travel offices - makes it possible to purchase travel tickets that are more consistent with the traveller’s profile. Open tickets at higher rates with the possibility of making possible changes and reimbursements, or closed tickets, at lower prices but more restrictive. To be able to choose the ticket with the best flexibility in relation to the exchange risk and the price makes it possible to obtain significant benefits both in terms of savings for every single purchasing and in terms of agency time and operating costs. The model is based on the historical analysis of the purchasing and travel behaviour of the individual travellers, therefore considering all the changes which occurred following the first booking, appropriately recalibrated with a probability approach.

Process and Data Quality Certification

The scientific committee, which also includes University Teachers, is another expression of Thotstat’s vision and mission. The objectives of the involvement of Universities are:

  • to have the travel data methods and analysis certified by an impartial certifying body.
  • to explore all the possibilities available for turning the data into information by maximising the content of any statistical summaries.
  • to make the information usable by the companies, suggesting the interpretations simply and at the same time accurately and innovatively.

Trs | Thot Reporting System

Thotstat's Reporting defines the travel consumption model of the company and all the direct and indirect leverages that contribute to it, making the key points and the spending details visible.